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All Titles for Marvel Comics

  • Amazing Adult FantasyAmazing Adult Fantasy (1961 - 1994)
    This Marvel offering was in the suspense/horror vein - but this title is mostly known as the precursor of the comic that introduced Spider-Man (in issue #15, dropping the "Adult"from the title).See what the earlier issues go for by clicking above!
  • Amazing FantasyAmazing Fantasy (1962 - 2005)
    The iconic first appearance of SPIDER-MAN! It goes without saying that this is one of the most valuable comic books ever! See examples of the extraordinary prices that this classic is fetching by clicking the link! If you have it, Quality is buying!
  • Amazing Spider-ManAmazing Spider-Man (1963 - 2018)
    Most important and popular superhero created since Batman!
  • AvengersAvengers (1963 - 2006)
    This comic book solidified Marvel's position as the #1 purveyor of Silver-Age hero greatness! So many important characters in the Marvel Universe were introduced within these pages, we can't list them all! Follow the link for key-issues and prices!
  • Captain AmericaCaptain America (1968 - 2002)
    Since Marvel brought Cap back from the dead in the 60's, he has remained one of the most popular and collectible characters! See the key issues on Quality's price guide!
  • Conan The BarbarianConan The Barbarian (1970 - 1993)
    THE premier sword and sorcery comic book from Marvel's prolific Bronze-age! Collectors hunt endlessly for issue #23 - which introduces RED SONJA! See values in our price-guide!
  • DaredevilDaredevil (1964 - 2010)
    The Man Without Fear was one of the most original heroes introduced by Marvel in the 60's! See if you may have any of the key issues by clicking the title link!
  • DefendersDefenders (1970 - 1986)
    In the tradition of The Avengers, Marvel introduced "supergroup" The Defenders in the 70's. A consistently enjoyable title, #10 is a key issue in the "Avengers/Defenders War" saga! This in-demand book has been selling for respectable prices!
  • EternalsEternals (1976 - 1978)
    When Jack Kirby returned to Marvel in the mid-70's, he offered The Eternals from his ever fruitful imagination. When Gods Walked The Earth! Early issues are going up in demand and price! Click on the key issues for examples of recent sales...
  • Fantastic FourFantastic Four (1961 - 2015)
    This is the book that ushered in the "Marvel Age of Comics!" The FF's popularity virtually changed the focus of the whole industry back to the superhero genre! So many characters made their first appearances here - these books can be a sound investment!
  • Giant-Size X-MenGiant-Size X-Men (1975 - 1999)
    The introduction of the "new" X-MEN was a game changer for team books! Giant-Size X-Men #1 is one of the most in-demand comics on the market, and one of the most valuable books of the 70's! See what it has been selling for by following the link!
  • Incredible Hulk (1968)Incredible Hulk (1968) (1962 - 2010)
    Learn what the value of your old Hulk comics are in our FREE price guide!
  • Iron FistIron Fist (1975 - 1977)
    A true testament to the creative prowess of Marvel Comics in the Bronze-Age, Iron Fist has remained a popular fan favorite! Look out for key issue #14, in which the notorious SABRETOOTH was introduced!
  • Iron ManIron Man (1968 - 1996)
    When IRON MAN was given his own title in 1968, there was no looking back! There are several key issues, most notably #55 which introduced THANOS! See Quality Comix's price guide for examples of current values...
  • Journey Into MysteryJourney Into Mystery (1952 - 2013)
    This title features the 1st appearance of Thor! Find out what all of the best issues are worth!
  • Marvel FeatureMarvel Feature (1971 - 1973)
    The Defenders made their 1st appearance in Marvel Feature #1, making collector demand for the early issues steadily increase in sale-ability and value! See the respectable dollar amount these issues are demanding in our online price guide!
  • Marvel PremiereMarvel Premiere (1972 - 2005)
    Yet again, Marvel offered another great vehicle for introducing new characters (and reviving some older ones) in Marvel Premier! #1 formally gave us WARLOCK!#15 is the 1st appearance of IRON FIST! This title may only increase in value over time!
  • Marvel SpotlightMarvel Spotlight (1971 - 1981)
    Spotlight offered comicdom the first solo appearances of many key figures in the Marvel Universe; including GHOST RIDER, MOON KNIGHT, SPIDER-WOMAN, and WEREWOLF BY NIGHT. These Bronze age books are getting hot!
  • Marvel Super-HeroesMarvel Super-Heroes (1967 - 1981)
    Key issues contain the 1st appearances of CAPTAIN MARVEL and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY! 'Nuff said!
  • NYXNYX (2003 - 2005)
    Increasingly climbing in value, the wildly popular modern Marvel series NYX is responsible for introducing X-23 in issue #3! Check out the link to see the soaring prices this book is demanding!
  • Sgt. Fury and His Howling CommandosSgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos (1963 - 1994)
    The WWII exploits of Nick Fury (and his eclectic band of battlin' brothers) long before S.H.I.E.L.D. ! Perhaps the most entertaining of all war books, all the early issues are considered very desirable, including an early revival of CAPT. AMERICA in #13!
  • Silver SurferSilver Surfer (1968 - 1982)
    Silver Surfer remains one of the most collectible characters that Marvel first presented in the 60's. Virtually every issue of his first solo series is considered a key, and a potential money-earner among comic book fans! See what yours may be worth!
  • Star WarsStar Wars (1977 - 1986)
    Marvel's series based on the ever popular movie! The key issues are #1, #42, and #107 - these are the ones fetching higher prices among collectors! See what yours may be worth by clicking the above link...
  • Strange TalesStrange Tales (1951 - 1999)
    Beginning life as a horror title in Marvel's "Atlas" period, Strange Tales became the home for solo HUMAN TORCH stories, then introduced DOCTOR STRANGE and NICK FURY! Both incarnations are very valuable! Click the title to see...
  • Sub-MarinerSub-Mariner (1968 - 1994)
    Sub Mariner is Marvel's longest running anti-hero, created in 1939 and revived many times. This title started in 1968 and remains a fan fave, with key issues going for top dollar! He battles TIGER SHARK, THE HULK, THE THING, and humankind in general!
  • Tales Of SuspenseTales Of Suspense (1959 - 2006)
    Originally a monster/horror series, Marvel introduced IRON MAN in issue #39! Riding the popularity of their other hero titles, these early issues continue to be collector faves! See what these are currently selling for on our price guide...
  • Tales To AstonishTales To Astonish (1959 - 1968)
    A Marvel monster book that changed direction as superheroes became popular. Issue #27 gave us Henry Pym, who became ANT-MAN, the star of the book. Then came GIANT MAN, and THE HULK and SUB MARINER. This book's key issues still demand top dollar!
  • ThorThor (1966 - 2011)
    Long considered Marvel's "Marquee" title, it's dynamic storytelling and art make THOR a collectible favorite, with many key issues selling for high prices! Click the title and follow current market value!
  • Tomb Of DraculaTomb Of Dracula (1972 - 1994)
    Marvel's Bronze-Age take on the classic character was a quality book, but issues #1 and #10 are the ones in high demand...#10 introduced BLADE! The value of these books are only going to go up! Check Quality's price guide for recent sales!
  • Two-Gun KidTwo-Gun Kid (1948 - 1977)
    One of Marvel's only- and best - long running western series was a carry-over from the "Atlas" era.They re-booted the title as a quasi-hero book with #60.Atlas copies are rare, and demanding higher prices! Check your collection and use our price guide
  • VenusVenus (1948 - 1952)
  • Werewolf By NightWerewolf By Night (1972 - 1977)
    This is the book that introduced MOON KNIGHT in issue #32! He made his 2nd appearance in #33, and both of these are highly sought after! Click on the title to see current values!
  • X-MenX-Men (1963 - 2010)
    Kicking-off the "Mutant" craze, when X-MEN premiered in 1963, it was so different from any other team book on the market. It's consistent originality has made it one of the most important comics, spawning off-shoots. Key issues fetch big bucks!