Our Team

Image: Brent Moeshlin

Brent Moeshlin

Brent's obsession with comics began nearly 40 years ago when he picked up World's Finest #284 off the newsstand. After reading lots of different titles, he gravitated towards Amazing Spider-Man and Thor. At 13, he picked up 2 long boxes of Amazing Spider-Man from a local seller for $200. This lot of Amazing Spider-Man started at #40 and ended at #302 with some gaps. After high school, Brent joined the Air Force and forgot about the boxes he had stored away. He served as a computer programmer and was honorably discharged after serving his 4 year commitment. After separating from the military, he picked up comic collecting again and remember the comics he had stored away from his childhood. He decided to start selling them on ebay in 2000 in order to buy some other Journey Into Mystery comics he had his eye on. Those comics he had paid $200 for 10 years earlier turned into over $2,500 on ebay! It was at that point he realized he wanted to try to make a living selling comics! He created a new website in early 2000 and QualityComix.com was born! In 2014, Quality Comix purchased a local brick and mortar to further support the local comic collecting community. In nearly 20 years of doing business online and at comic conventions, Brent is known for his integrity, strict grading and his willingness to go above and beyond for his customers.

Contact at: bmoeshlin@qualitycomix.com

Image: Lee Daniels

Lee Daniels
Director of Acquisitions

Lee's dad, "Gus" Daniels, was born in 1935 and read comics during WWII as his older brothers were fighting in the war. His favorite character was Spy Smasher, the Nazi hunter! He shared his boyhood love of comic books with his son, Lee. By 1991 at age 19 Lee was collecting comics as well as buying and selling to support his habit. After a few years, he drifted away from comics and into the world of retail and started a family. Lee returned to the hobby in 2012. In 2013 he visited Quality Comix in Prattville, Alabama where he met Brent Moeshlin, Owner and CEO. The two men forged a friendship that started around comics but would make them the closest of friends. That friendship would lead to Brent calling Lee up one day, several years back, and saying, "Hey, you should come and work for me at Quality Comix!" Starting as Operations Director and now Vice President of Quality Comix, Lee has been instrumental in implementing Brent's vision for the company while ensuring the highest level of customer service in the industry.

Contact at: lee@qualitycomix.com

Image: Kevin VanCor

Kevin VanCor
Director of Operations

Since I was young, I’ve been drawn to Star Wars, Comic-book Heroes and Sci-Fi (a passion I shared with my dad aka my best friend). We watched all the cool TV shows, like Knight Rider, Airwolf, Street Hawk, The A-Team. We were hooked! I started collecting comics and memorabilia in the late 80s / early 90s as all the big titles were being relaunched. I started with Spider-Man, The X-Men, Superman, Ghost Rider and the list goes on. I'm a big fan of the DCU and Marvel movie universes. After all these years, I still get as excited about the next release as I would when I was a kid!

Contact at: kevin@qualitycomix.com

Image: Faith Nelson

Faith Nelson
Master Grader

Ever since I was a little girl I have been a daydreamer, lost in the pages of fantasy books and immersed in worlds that I could only imagine. I have always held a love for fiction that takes you away into magic, lore, and fantastic adventures. To this day, I still find myself excited about those same things, whether it’s in books, games, or movies; the only thing that matters is the adventure. I don’t have a lot to say about myself, but I can say that having the chance to hold these comics and get a glimpse at the stories that had that same kind of impact on others’ lives brings a certain kind of magic of its own.

Contact at: faith@qualitycomix.com

Image: Adam Goodrich

Adam Goodrich
Shipping Supervisor

My journey with Quality Comix goes back nearly 10 years. I was the first hire, and a part of opening the first Quality Comix store location. Over the 3 and a half years of my first stint with the company, I learned this company was about far more then selling comics. I was given the opportunity to see it make a positive impact on the lives of others. Now that I've returned years later, I see that has expanded with a team of great people all working toward the same goal. My current role in that team is getting books to our online customers with the same care & dedication I'd want if myself. Quality isn't just a name, its my focus.

Contact at: adam@qualitycomix.com

Image: Morgan Hollon

Morgan Hollon
Quality Control

I joined the Quality Comix team in May of 2021, and I've loved it since. After working retail for six years, it's refreshing to finally be with a company and people who are truly passionate about what we do. Being a creative person that enjoys being immersed in fantasy and a Marvel fan for many years, getting to see where it all started is amazing. Working with a product that is so steeped in history and memories makes every day interesting. I've only just begun the journey into learning about comics and I can't wait for more!

Contact at: morgan@qualitycomix.com

Image: Mallory Alvarez

Mallory Alvarez
Inventory Processing Specialist

I try my best to give positivity and love to everything that I do. Now I have the pleasure of working with a team that share this goal, some of the most creative and kindest people I know. On top of that I get to work with comic books! Making the physical into digital. I’ve always loved nerd culture- Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter are some of my favorites. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been here with my husband and two chihuahuas. The future is looking very bright!

Contact at: mallory@qualitycomix.com

Image: Kayla Leger

Kayla Leger
Comic Evaluator

When I'm not elbow deep in some of the most amazing comic book collections I've ever seen, you can find me spending time with my best buds playing Dungeons & Dragons or geeking out over Harry Potter lore. While I am enchanted by discovering new music, the original Jurassic Park trilogy, and video games- fellow Red Dead Redemption, Elder Scrolls, and Hollow Knight fans I send extra love to- people are my number one passion! I'm more than happy to provide a service to my allied nerds, geeks, and collectors. Collecting is purely human, and that's what makes it inherently valuable. Happy collecting, everyone!

Contact at: kayla@qualitycomix.com

Image: Drake May

Drake May
Inventory Management

Well, where do I begin? Ever since I was a child I was obsessed with Comics, Video Games, and many of the forms of pop culture that permeate our Everyday lives. When my parents bought me my first comic book at the age of 3 it began a love and passion for something that would never die! Growing up I started to find myself going deeper down the “Rabbit Hole” of comic books, Finding out about characters like The Crow and The original run of TMNT. The Crow is my favorite! As of now I'm getting to see these things I thought I’d never get the chance to see! I’ve been a part of the Team since August 2023 and it has become like a second home! I try my best to find avenues for being able to help people in and out of work, I especially like helping people get into new Superheroes! I look forward to being able to assist anyone with their comic book needs!

Contact at: drake@qualitycomix.com

Image: Elijah Mummert

Elijah Mummert
Inventory Processing Specialist

After several years working jobs just to make a living, joining Quality Comix was a great opportunity for me. Not only do I get to work with many like-minded and interesting people, but I get to help others with what I consider to be a pretty foundational part of my life: collecting. Whether I'm expanding my ever-growing collection of Magic: the Gathering cards, trying to catch every Pokémon to complete my Pokedex, or scouring a video game for every hidden secret, I understand the value of a collection., and what it means to the individual. I hope that I can continue to help others grow their own or to help them know that I understand that a collection is more than just the sum of its parts. While comics are a new realm for me, I nonetheless can't wait to help people find those last few elusive pieces to fill in their collections just a little bit more!

Contact at: elijah@qualitycomix.com