Our Team

Image: Brent Moeshlin

Brent Moeshlin

Brent's obsession with comics began nearly 40 years ago when he picked up World's Finest #284 off the newsstand. After reading lots of different titles, he gravitated towards Amazing Spider-Man and Thor. At 13, he picked up 2 long boxes of Amazing Spider-Man from a local seller for $200. This lot of Amazing Spider-Man started at #40 and ended at #302 with some gaps. After high school, Brent joined the Air Force and forgot about the boxes he had stored away. He served as a computer programmer and was honorably discharged after serving his 4 year commitment. After separating from the military, he picked up comic collecting again and remember the comics he had stored away from his childhood. He decided to start selling them on ebay in 2000 in order to buy some other Journey Into Mystery comics he had his eye on. Those comics he had paid $200 for 10 years earlier turned into over $2,500 on ebay! It was at that point he realized he wanted to try to make a living selling comics! He created a new website in early 2000 and QualityComix.com was born! In 2014, Quality Comix purchased a local brick and mortar to further support the local comic collecting community. In nearly 20 years of doing business online and at comic conventions, Brent is known for his integrity, strict grading and his willingness to go above and beyond for his customers.

Contact at: bmoeshlin@qualitycomix.com

Image: Josh Roberts

Josh Roberts
Inventory Control Specialist

Coming Soon.

Contact at: josh@qualitycomix.com

Image: Lee Daniels

Lee Daniels
Vice President - Acquisitions

Lee collected comics off and on from 1980 to 1988. It was in the summer of that year when he was 16, he would discover, just like baseball cards, comic books were valuable. After learning about some of the books he owned at a local card and comic show he would return home with a question: Why couldn't he buy and sell comics to help pay for his habit?! By the following summer Lee would be learning to grade and setting up occasionally at local card and comic shows. After the death of his mother in 1992 he drifted away from the hobby. Many years later after starting a family and a successful career in retail he would meet Brent Moeshlin. He and Brent became friends in 2013 and forged a friendship that would bring Lee full circle and back to the hobby that he loves. So it was in 2018 Lee took on the role of right hand and Operations Manager at Quality Comix!

Contact at: lee@qualitycomix.com

Image: Michael Cornwall

Michael Cornwall
Director of Operations

Michael has finally left the realm of Food Service management after 18 years to satisfy his inner geek and chase his passion for all things collectible as far down the rabbit hole as it will take him. He started collecting baseball and football cards at the age of 7. When he was 15, he went down to the local hobby shop and traded in his ‘89 Upper Deck Ken Griffey, Jr. rookie card for 3 Magic: the Gathering Starter decks because his buddies on the wrestling team told him it was a fun game to play on bus rides. 25 years later, collectible card games and sports cards still remain his undying passion. When not working at Quality Comix or watching reruns of crime dramas and Big Brother with his wife and daughter, Michael is usually glued to fantasy football websites or playing Magic: Arena online. He has just begun his love affair with comics, and welcomes any and all tips for new series or storylines to enjoy!

Contact at: michael@qualitycomix.com

Image: Faith Nelson

Faith Nelson
Shipping/Inventory Manager

Ever since I was a little girl I have been a daydreamer, lost in the pages of fantasy books and immersed in worlds that I could only imagine. I have always held a love for fiction that takes you away into magic, lore, and fantastic adventures. To this day, I still find myself excited about those same things, whether it’s in books, games, or movies; the only thing that matters is the adventure. I don’t have a lot to say about myself, but I can say that having the chance to hold these comics and get a glimpse at the stories that had that same kind of impact on others’ lives brings a certain kind of magic of its own.

Contact at: faith@qualitycomix.com