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Marvel Spotlight

Marvel // November 1971 - April 1977
Issue count: 33

Spotlight offered comicdom the first solo appearances of many key figures in the Marvel Universe; including GHOST RIDER, MOON KNIGHT, SPIDER-WOMAN, and WEREWOLF BY NIGHT. These Bronze age books are getting hot!

Marvel Spotlight

Whereas Marvel had anthology-type books in the 60's (Tales of Suspense, Tales to Astonish, etc.), in which they could introduce and nurture a character over a period of time, they eventually did away with that format.

In the 70's, they put forward a series of titles that would serve the function of "trying out" new characters, usually giving them a few issues to gauge public reaction or give the creative team time to refine a certain concept for which the editorial staff gave the "go-ahead." The so-called "Bronze-Age" was a boom-time for the comic book industry, with a very crowded field of new titles coming and going at a more rapid pace than before. Competition was fierce, and there was less time given to new ideas to "catch on."

Hence we got books that could potentially be a springboard for a character to earn their own title, or could die a rapid death on the racks. Some examples of these kinds of new titles were Marvel Super Heroes, Marvel Premiere, Marvel Feature, and one of the best - Marvel Spotlight.

Spotlight began with a whimper in 1971, first serving up a single issue featuring Red Wolf, a western genre feature which would be given it's own short-lived title soon after (the character would stick around, most notably being re-booted in 2016!)

The series starts to heat up with issues #2 through #4, with the introduction of Werewolf By Night, which became a premier horror/monster book for Marvel in the 70's, enjoying a successful 5 year run in his own book!

Next up began a seven issue run of probably the most well-recognized triumph of Marvel Spotlight - GHOST RIDER! Taking his name from a defunct western character, this new version was a contemporary take, with Johnny Blaze, in a faustian deal with the devil, becomes a blazing-skulled, motorcycle-riding do-gooder, which walked the line between both the superhero and the horror genres! Ghost Rider would be a presence in the Marvel Universe up to present day, both through his long running own title (10 years), and, later, a movie adaptation!

The Ghost Rider book, in it's 2nd issue, would introduce Spotlight's next big hit - Damion Hellstrom : THE SON OF SATAN! Hellstrom would be featured in the next 13 issues of Spotlight (#12 through #24). Hellstrom would enjoy an 8 issue run in his own book, and a revival mini-series in 2006.

# 25 gave us a single issue adaptation of The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad. Another one-off followed with The Scarecrow, an attempt at creating another Monster/Hero...

Not really having a solo vehicle at the time, the next issue (#27), was given over to Sub-Mariner, if only to keep his presence up.

In the tradition of former Spotlight alumni introducing major characters that would go on to have dedicated solo outings in Spotlight, Werewolf By Night #32 introduced MOON KNIGHT, who would enjoy the starring roll in the next two issues of Spotlight (#28 & #29 - in 1976). Moon Knight was a slow-burner, kicking around in stories here and there in different titles, and only earning his own acclaimed title in 1980. There was no looking back, as the character would enjoy success in several of his own titles up until present. Rumors abound about Moon Knight being tapped for his own animated series...

The next issue was given over to a Thor offshoot - The Warriors Three.

Another hero without a home (at the time), was Nick Fury - they threw him a bone for issue #31.

Another hero that quickly gained her own title was Spider-Woman, introduced in #32. She would remain popular in her own title for 50 issues which ran until 1983. The character has re-emerged in several titles up until present day.

 In it's last issue (#33) before going on hiatus, Marvel Spotlight would give a go to a Deathlok solo outing. This was in the spring of 1977.

In 1979, a new Marvel Spotlight would emerge, with outings featuring Captain Marvel, Dragon Lord, Star Lord, and Captain Universe.

However, it is the first series that is most sought out by collectors, with stand-out key issues being the first appearances of Werewolf By Night, Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, and Spider-Woman - these are also the most valuable on the collector's market.








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Issue #2

What's Marvel Spotlight #2 worth in 2024?

The NM+ 9.6 copies of this issue that sold in 2017 ranged from a low of $1,299 to a high of $1,500. The price of the same issue and grade in 2009 brought $3,000. The FN 6.0 copy of this issue increased slightly in recent years, selling for a low $34 in 2008, and high of $250 for 2019. GD 2.0 values are under $50. 

Why is this comic book valuable?

This is the first appearance of Werewolf by Night, first appearance by Dr. Allen, Baron Russoff, and the only appearance of Laura Russell. Prices have dropped recently but these days, you never know when your Marvel Spotlight #2 will appreciate. 

Price Guide Report

GD 2.0 VG 4.0 FN 6.0 VF 8.0 NM 9.4 RECORD SALE!
$40 $100 $170 $725 $1,500 $14,001

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Issue #5

What's Marvel Spotlight #5 worth in 2024?

Amazingly, CGC Census only shows THREE copies known in NM/MT 9.8! That is insane for a Bronze Age key, even Werewolf by Night #32 has 19 copies registered. The last sale of 9.8 was nearly four times the previous sale total. The book brought nearly $50,000 compared to $13,000 in 2013. We believe mid grade books are currently one of the best values in the market as you can grab a FN 6.0 around $500 - $700 currently versus $100 in 2009. Lower grade books (GD 2.0) have gone from under $100 to around $300 in the same time frame and also present opportunity for growth.

Why is this comic book valuable?

The Ghost Rider’s origin is an interesting one. He was originally a character called Stunt Master a never-made-it-to-the-page Daredevil villain. The only thing that survived from the original design was his motorcycle. Editor Roy Thomas, Writer Gary Friedrich and artist Mike Ploog would collaborate on this character fusing inspiration from Elvis, Evil Knievel, and the original western Ghost Rider from the SIlver Age. The character has remained a fan favorite through the years and is enjoying renewed interest in various media currently.

Price Guide Report

GD 2.0 VG 4.0 FN 6.0 VF 8.0 NM 9.4 RECORD SALE!
$250 $375 $550 $1,150 $25 $264,000

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Issue #28

What's Marvel Spotlight #28 worth in 2024?

This issue does not garner the same prices as some other Marvel Spotlight issues, yet it shows a recent increase in value. The NM/MT 9.8 issues at a low of $191 in 2014 that nowadays will sell for around $1,500 or better shows the appreciation in this issue if you have a higher-grade copy. The importance of getting a higher-grade copy is clear when considering an FN 6.0 2008 price of just $1.00, and a recent high of $118.  

Why is this comic book valuable?

Say ‘hello’ to several new supporting characters, along with the fact that this is considered the first solo Moon Knight adventure. Look for higher-grade copies, considering the recent low values of mid-grade and low-grade copies. 

Price Guide Report

GD 2.0 VG 4.0 FN 6.0 VF 8.0 NM 9.4 RECORD SALE!
$8 $25 $75 $100 $225 $11,000

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Issue #32

What's Marvel Spotlight #32 worth in 2024?

The trend in the value of this issue NM/MT 9.8 copies shows a slight uptick, with a recent 90-day average of $1,678. There is not much good news for FN 6.0 books. The average range is from $52 to $65, nearly the same for a VG- 3.5. 

Why is this comic book valuable?

We see the first appearance of Arachne in this issue, along with other introductions. The drama and dangers of the storyline likely helps keep interest alive for Marvel Spotlight #32. 

Price Guide Report

GD 2.0 VG 4.0 FN 6.0 VF 8.0 NM 9.4 RECORD SALE!
$10 $20 $50 $100 $250 $6,500

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