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Marvel Boy

Marvel // December 1950 - February 1951
Issue count: 2

A forgotten title from the late Great Stan Lee!

Marvel Boy

During the time of Marvel's direct forerunner, Atlas comics, the late legend Stan Lee and Russ Heath created a short lived comic Marvel Boy, published in December of 1950. It told the story of Robert Grayson, born in Trenton, New Jersey, he was the son of a Jewish scientist, Dr. Horace Grabshield (later Anglicized as Grayson). Dr. Grayson fled Earth with Robert during the rise of Nazi Germany, when Robert was an infant. The Graysons arrived on Uranus, where they were greeted by the native Uranian Eternals. When he grew older Robert was given a costume and a pair of powerful energy-band bracelets, and returned to Earth in the 1950s to battle crime. Writer-artist Bill Everett took over with issue #2. Marvel Boy continued to star when the series title changed to Astonishing with issue #3, but was gradually de-emphasized. The character's final Atlas story was in Astonishing #7 in December 1951.

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