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This is A BIG ONE in American popular culture! Although is existed for a while, it was with issue #27 that history was made with the 1st appearance of BATMAN!! All his early appearances go for astronomical amounts! #27 is a "Holy Grail" find!

PublisherDC Comics
Publication DatesMarch 1937 - October 2011
Issue count883

Aside from the appearance of proto-superhero The Crimson Avenger (he wore a mask), Detective Comics, a very early title for National/DC premiering in 1937, was just that - a book that featured various gritty-detective stories.

This was all turned upside down with issue #27, when, following closely on the heels of surprise success Superman, came the introduction of DC's second iconic character : THE BATMAN!

 Bob Kane's creation was like no other before it, with its protagonist having a complicated and tragic back story - territory not really seen in comics before that. Millionaire Bruce Wayne was a dark, brooding, figure who had witnessed the murder of his parents as a young boy. Obsessed with finding a way to serve justice, he assumed the identity of The Batman, and generally went after his criminal prey during the night...

People loved it, and it quickly became a best-seller. Detective, however never really let go of it's more conventional detective co-features, but did, with time, start featuring supporting stories of The Boy Commandos and the criminally underrated hero Air Wave.

As the 40's progressed, the Batman character was significantly watered-down, taking on an often slightly humorous tone.

The Golden-Age issues are little treasures, fetching high prices on the vintage comics market.

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