The Cities and Locations of the DC Universe (and the heroes that live there)

The Cities and Locations of the DC Universe (and the heroes that live there)

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Cities of the DC Universe


When we talk about the cities of the DC Universe, we usually only talk about 2. Those are Gotham and, of course, Metropolis.

Many other cities exist within the Universe, and these consist of both fictional and existing ones. Let's take a look at the imaginary cities that exist.


Fictional cities


Happy Harbor 

The hideout of the Justice League and former home of Lucas Carr. Located in Rhode Island.

Keystone City 

home of Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash and Wally West, the third Flash.

Keystone City is located across the river from Central City in Kansas.

Nanda Parbat

Nanda Parbat is a mystical city that has appeared in more than one DC Comics publication and often appears as Deadman's hideout.

Ivy Town

The hometown of the second Atom, Ray Palmer. Located in Massachusetts.



The home of Robby Reed, which is located in Colorado.


Where Resurrection Man lives. Located in South Carolina.

Charlton's Point

The city where Miguel Devante, the "new Son of Vulcan," stays.


The Martian Manhunter's former home is located in Colorado.

Liberty Hill

Liberty Hill is a suburb of Washington, DC. It's the hometown of the third Tattooed Man.

Science City

Where the Titan Red Star resides is located in Russia.


David Zavimbe was first introduced as the Batwing resides in Tinasha in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Hub City

where the Question originated as well as the first Blue Beetle is in Southern Illinois.

Jump City

The location of the founding members of Teen Titans and is in the Western United States

Calvin City

The city where the Golden Age Atom lives was located in Pennsylvania.


The Resurrection Man briefly stayed in the city of Crucible. Located in Georgia, on Interstate 285.


 A hidden city of bird-people. The home of Northwind. Located in Greenland (destroyed).


The fictional hometown of Superman. Located in Kansas.

Opal City

The home of Starman.


A New England town where Chris King and Vicki Grant live.

Coast City

The home of Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern. Located in California.

Monument Point

The city where the Justice Society of America is based.

Midwest City

The location of the former home of Captain Comet

The Hidden City

This ancient city is home to Homo magi, a magical race of humans, and is located in Turkey.


The home of the Hawk and the Dove. Located in Oregon.

Sub Diego

A part of San Diego submerged off the coast of California.


The city in DC Comics where Doctor Mid-Nite resides. Located in Washington.

Hatton Corners

A small town rescued by the Teen Titans from Mister Twister on their very first adventure.


The city of Supergirl's headquarters.

Central City

The hometown of the second Flash (Barry Allen). It is alternatively stated to be in Ohio, Illinois, or Florida.


Little Boy Blue hailed from the town of Radiance in the 1940s. This location is in Pennsylvania.

Star City 

Green Arrow's home. The location has changed over time.

Midway City

Hawkman and Hawkwoman's former home is located in Detroit, Michigan. It was previously located Chicago, Illinois.


The home of Superman and featured in many DC COMICS stories.

Gotham City

The home of Batman and a fictional city in New Jersey, USA.

Dos Rios

Texas is home to the second El Diablo.

Gateway City

Home of Wonder Woman, the first Mister Terrific and the Spectre. Located in California.

National City

The home of Supergirl. Located in Southern California.

Gorilla City

A hidden city in which super-intelligent gorillas live in a city called Gorilla City. Solovar and Gorilla Grodd can be found at this location. It is located in Africa.

Violet Valley

A fictional version of the Doom Patrol by Rachel Pollack is set in Violet Valley.

Evergreen City

"Evergreen City" was the city where Hal Jordan lived. Location: Washington, DC.

River City

Home of Odd Man.

Civic City

Located in the heart of the city is Justice Society of America's former headquarters. This location can be found in the state of Pennsylvania.

Amnesty Bay

'Amnesty Bay' is the place where Aquaman and his father Tom Curry live on the surface. It is situated in the state of Maine.

New Venice

Based in Florida, a partially submerged city was used as Aquaman's base of operations.


The fictional home of Aztek has been generally interpreted as Oregon.




So, there you have it. 

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