Marvel Comics

Timely // November 1939
Issue count: 1

The title that started it all. Just 1 issue before it turned into Marvel Mystery. See the massive value of this comic!

Marvel Comics
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Issue #1

What's Marvel Comics #1 worth in 2021?

The mint condition value of Marvel Comics #1 is $1,260,000. This value is based on the highest CGC rated copy to sell at auction, 9.4 NM from the Windy City pedigree that sold in November 2019. A 9.0 listed as a Pay Copy has a February 2010 value of $227,050, a 6.0 from the Twilight pedigree has a December 2017 value of $215,000, and an unrestored 4.0 has an august 2015 value of $68,713.

Why is this comic book valuable?

Marvel Comics #1, published by Timely Comics in Novemver 1939, marks the first in a long line of superheroes that will win our hearts. Meet Ka-Zar, Human Torch, Masked Raider, Sub-Mariner, Jungle Terror, and more in this acton-packed Marvel/Timely introduction.

Price Guide Report

GD 2.0 VG 4.0 FN 6.0 VF 8.0 NM 9.4 RECORD SALE!
$30,000 $60,000 $110,000 $220,000 $875,000 $270,000

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