FootLocker Collection

The Footlocker Collection was purchased on the Naval Submarine Base at Mike's Grocery in New London, CT in the 1960's. The comics were stored in a footlocker in the basement of Naval housing throughout the owner's childhood. The collection consists of well over 1,000 comics and was well cared for through the years, which is evidenced by the white pages and bright colors of most of the comics.  Highlights of this collection include Amazing Spider-Man #1, #2, and #3, as well as high grade copies of Fantastic Four #48, #49, and #52, Giant-Size X-Men #1, Incredible Hulk #181, and Amazing Spider-Man #129

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Dec 09 - The Dark Knight Returns...for Week 8!

The savior of Gotham takes center stage this week, accompanied by several other key DC titles such as Adventure Comics, Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane, and Superboy!  Some highlights this week include Batman #181 CGC 7.0 White pages and Batman #189 CGC 9.0 White pages!

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