Metal Men #9 FN 6.0 White Pages Robot! Juggernaut! Ross Andru Art! Comic Book


Comic Book Details

Item Id193902
TitleMetal Men
PublisherDC Comics
GradeFN 6.0
Page QualityWhite Pages
DescriptionThis comic comes with a Certificate of Authenticity stating it is from the Footlocker Collection. Please view the COA pic to get more info on this incredible original owner collection!
CollectionFootLocker Collection
Publication DateAugust-September 1964
StoryThe Robot Juggernaut!
SynopsisA juggernaut made of rollers is flattening the Metal Men while Tin tries to rescue Billy.
PencilsRoss Andru [as Andru] (signed)
InksMike Esposito [as Esposito] (signed)
CharactersMetal Men [Gold; Iron; Lead; Mercury; Platinum; Tin]; Billy; robot juggernaut

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