Incredible Hulk #200 VF 8.0 White Pages John Romita Cover Art! Comic Book


Comic Book Details

Item Id193490
TitleIncredible Hulk
GradeVF 8.0
Page QualityWhite Pages
Marvel StampIntact
DescriptionThis comic comes with a Certificate of Authenticity stating it is from the Footlocker Collection. Please view the COA pic to get more info on this incredible original owner collection!
CollectionFootLocker Collection
Publication DateJune 1976
StoryThe Man or the Monster?
PencilsRich Buckler (signed)
InksJohn Romita (signed)
CharactersHulk [Bruce Banner]; Rick Jones; General Thunderbolt Ross; Betty Ross; Glen Talbot; Modok; Captain America [Steve Rogers]; Silver Surfer; Abomination; Mandarin; Juggernaut; Gremlin; Sandman; Namor, the Sub-Mariner; Hercules; Missing Link; Tyrannus; Leader; Iron Man [Tony Stark]; Thor; Rhino; Fantastic Four [Mr. Fantastic; Invisible Girl; Human Torch [Johnny Storm]; The Thing]; Doc Samson

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