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Special Edition Comics

Fawcett //
Issue count: 1

First appearance of Captain Marvel in a comic! See what copies that are floating around are selling for by using our online price guide!

Special Edition Comics

Special Edition Comics was a one-shot comic featuring Captain Marvel, whose character was sold to Marvel Comics a few years later.

The issue appeared on the stands a few months before Captain Marvel Adventures.

It is highly sought by collectors, with a mint-condition copy selling for over $30,000.

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Issue #1

What's Special Edition Comics #1 worth in 2024?

The highest quality book of issue #1 of Special Edition Comics Vol. 1 is a 9.8 copy, sold for $30,003 in August 2011. That price is a big increase from its 2010 price of $21,510. A 5.0 book sold once in February 2019 for $4,080; and a 1.5 copy had a price of $1,190 as of February 2020, also selling just once.

Why is this comic book valuable?

Issue #1 of Special Edition Comics Vol. 1 was published in August 1940. It was written, penciled and inked by Bill Parker and C.C. Beck.

Key Facts About the Comic

This issue was a one-shot comic featuring Captain Marvel, whose character was sold to Marvel Comics a few years later.

Story Synopsis

1. The Menace of Dr. Allirog - When a boxer named Slaughter Slade knocks out the champion of the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship, Captain Marvel investigates and has his encounter with the scientific gorilla Doctor Allirog who is in league with Slaughter Slade.

2. Capt. Marvel and the Haunted House - A reclusive millionaire named J. Mortimer Grood passes away in 1890 and the city attempts to take back his property by tearing down the mansion and selling the land. Unfortunately, they are scared away by the ghosts that haunt the mansion until Captain Marvel takes a look at the cause behind the haunting.

3. Capt. Marvel and Gamblers of Death" - Captain Marvel investigates "Long Shot" Louis Lipo's phantom gambling ring where men's lives are used as gambling chips.

4. Capt. Marvel and Sivana the Weather Wizard - Doctor Sivana uses a special weather-controlling device to cause damage throughout New York City.

Price Guide Report

GD 2.0 VG 4.0 FN 6.0 VF 8.0 NM 9.4 RECORD SALE!
$2,150 $1,925 $4,450 $13,075 $28,800 $37,375

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