Amazing Spider-Man #1

Marvel // Amazing Spider-Man

Published March 1963

What's Amazing Spider-Man #1 worth in 2023?

The value of Amazing Spider-Man #1 in Mint condition has tripled in value in the last 10 years.  You can expect a perfect condition CGC NM+ 9.6 copy to sell for over $300,000, while back in 2005 - 2007, copies were only going for $100,000.  Since most collectors can’t afford NM+ copies, let’s look at mid grade (FN 6.0) and low grade (GD 2.0) copies instead. You could have purchased in FN 6.0 back in 2007 for a measly $4,000.  That same copy would now sell for $18,000! A very nice 400+% increase in value in a dozen years. In GD 2.0, it’s much the same story. In 2007, you could have picked up a low grade copy for $1,000.  Nowadays, the entry fee is $5,000 to acquire a readable, complete copy. For big key issues like Amazing Spider-Man #1, we recommend you pick up a low grade copy that looks nice and hold onto it for the long haul.

Why is this comic book valuable?

Following the huge success of Amazing Fantasy #15, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko began a new ongoing series named “The Amazing Spider-Man” in 1963.  Amazing Spider-Man #1 introduces J. Jonah Jameson and Spider-Man’s first villain - Chameleon. To add more gravitas to the issue, Lee and Ditko brought over the Fantastic Four to guest star.  #1 issues always hold their value for popular characters and although this wasn’t Spider-Man’s first appearance, it did let the world know that the Amazing Spider-Man was here to stay!

Price Guide Report

GD 2.0 VG 4.0 FN 6.0 VF 8.0 NM 9.4 RECORD SALE!
$4,650 $7,950 $16,200 $44,400 $131,450 $336,000

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