The Ultimate List of Comic Book Forums and Social Groups

The Ultimate List of Comic Book Forums and Social Groups

Comics fans love to talk comics, but the sad fact is that nearly every comic shop has business hours, and people need to go home. After hours, where do you go to talk comics? Well, there are a lot of different options available online. We've compiled the largest list of communities we can here for you to peruse and join at your leisure. Of course, the internet is a very large place with billions of people using it, so this is probably only scratching the surface. If you know of a comics-focused community you think should be added to the list, let us know in the comments!

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Reddit Subs

As you might imagine, the top of the list is Reddit. Reddit is the world's largest web forum and social media site, sort of like the accumulated comments sections and forum boards from a million different websites lumped into one. In case you're somehow not familiar with Reddit, the core concept of Reddit is that there are subreddits for basically every possible topic imaginable. Some of them have millions of daily users, while others can count their monthly active members on one hand. There are a lot of different comics-related subreddits, including many focused on things like cosplay and conventions, indie comics, making comics, webcomics, and many more.

The Comics Subreddit

We're not listing all of them, but here are some of the biggest and best:

  • r/comics – When in doubt, on Reddit, you can usually just put a keyword as a subreddit and get to a populated community. In this case, the comics subreddit is one of the top 1% largest communities on the site, with 2.4 million members and constant discussion of all things comics, from industry to issues.
  • r/comicbooks – The second most general, top-level subreddit for all things comic books. They have weekly discussions for pull lists, themed discussions, and much more.
  • r/altcomix – A smaller but still general comics subreddit, mostly focused on the weirdest alternative comics, art comics, and other off the beaten path kinds of comic media.
  • r/graphicnovels – Another of the largest communities on Reddit, this one is a lot like comics, but includes more than just your average monthly floppies. Definitely another of the headline communities worth checking out.
  • r/manga – This subreddit is dedicated specifically to Japanese comics. It tends to cover most of what's being published in the big magazines, but there's plenty of room for discussion of less common publishers and sporadic releases as well.
  • r/webcomics – Some people don't consider webcomics and traditional comics to be the same kind of media; others figure any sort of sequential art counts. The lines can be blurred, but when you can't have a discussion in one community, you sure can in another. This is the subreddit dedicated to all things online comics.
  • Publisher Subreddits. Most of the major publishers have their own subs, including r/marvel, r/DCcomics, r/vertigocomics, r/imagecomics, and even r/archiecomics.
  • Character or Book Subreddits. Are you a fan of Batman? What about Spiderman? The Avengers? All of these have their own subreddits for discussion. Examples include r/batman, r/sandman, r/saga, r/avengers, and dozens more.

There is also a huge array of other kinds of subreddits that can be related to comics as well. You have merchandise subs like r/actionfigures. You have media that comics fans are going to find worth talking about, like r/comicbookart. You have r/cosplay, which is safe for work (mostly), though it encompasses all forms of cosplay, not just comic character cosplay. There are creator-focused subs like r/alanmoore as well. You have era-focused subs like r/goldenagecomics. You have communities like r/shelfporn (again, safe for work) for showing off your collection. There are even finance and investment-related subs like r/comicbookspeculation

Facebook Groups

Facebook, being the largest social media giant other than Reddit, has plenty of people who want to discuss comics everywhere. The audience tends to be older – the youngest folks have left Facebook for greener pastures – but there can still be thriving communities, most often either in the comments sections for comic-related pages or, more frequently, in public or private Facebook Groups.

CLZ Comics Facebook Group

Much like Reddit, we can't possibly list all of them, so here's a sampler:

  • CLZ Comics – CLZ is one of the foremost collection management apps available for phones and computers, and they have their own Facebook group for users of the app. It's a public group and while it's ostensibly for CLZ users, anyone can join.
  • Comic Book Collector's Forum – One of the larger comic-related Facebook groups, this one has strict moderation and is private, so you need to apply to join. 
  • Comic Book Group – A relatively large private group with over 45,000 members dedicated almost entirely to buying, selling, and trading comics. There's some general discussion, but it's mostly focused on the investing, speculation, and financial side of the industry.
  • Comic Book Fans – With 11,000 members, this public group is surprisingly active, given that there are larger groups with fewer posts on the daily. It's pretty general; post about anything comic-related, as long as you follow the rules.
  • Comic Book Collecting – Another group focused on the collecting side of the industry; this one is a private group with a whopping 133,000 members, making it one of the largest non-Reddit groups for comics fans.
  • I Love Comic Book Stuff – A relatively small group mostly just for people to talk about the things they think are cool in the industry. 
  • Daily Comics – This is the Facebook equivalent of r/comics; it's huge, it's public, and it's full of discussion of a huge array of one-panel and newspaper-style comics and a lot less of the kinds of comics we love.
  • Comics and Superhero Related – This is another more general comics-stuff kind of community. They talk a lot about things like comics industry news, movie casting, cool art, hypothetical who would in scenarios, and all that general goodness.
  • Making the Grade – This is a small group but an interesting one; it's all about guessing the grade a comic will receive from a grading company. It's actually a good way to learn how to evaluate comics by sight, which can help with your own collecting.

Again, like Reddit, there are thousands of Facebook groups out there focused on comics. You can search through Facebook groups and evaluate them for yourself, and if you know of a great one, let us know about it!

Internet Forums

Social media largely killed the idea of the web forum, but surprisingly, many forums, either dedicated to comics or with their own niches and a comics subforum, have stuck around.

The DC Universe Website

They aren't all super active, and they often have their quirks – to say the least – but they can be a great place to hang out without being stuck under the overall banner of something like Facebook or Reddit.

  • DC Community – DC actually maintains its own web forums. It's partly used for customer service for things like their tech and announcements for new shows and releases, but they also have a general discussion area with subforums for things like comics, movies, games, and more. They also have a special forum solely for their most active users, which is an interesting concept.
  • CBCS – As one of the grading companies, CBCS has been doing a lot to try to make a name for itself in the face of giants like CGC. Their forum platform isn't the best, but it's functional and active. What else do you really need?
  • CGC – Since CGC is the largest grading company, it should come as no surprise that they are also one of the largest comic fan communities out there. It's a relatively focused forum and has some very knowledgeable people on it, so check it out.
  • CBR – Comic Book Resources is possibly one of the largest comics-focused communities on the internet, short of Reddit. Some people really don't care for their sometimes-insular culture, but really, it's 2024; what web forum doesn't have that at this point? Give it a try and see how you like it.
  • Comic Vine – Another of the larger and older forums, this one is owned by Gamespot. It's relatively large, active, and completely focused on all things comics, as well as the surrounding media.
  • Comic Book Realm – Another comics-related forum with the initials CBR; this one is a much smaller but still active community run on the site focused on one of the good collecting apps and indexes out there.
  • Smaller Forums. There are a bunch of smaller communities that may only have a few dozen active users, but they can still be good places to hang out. However, they aren't really the best for general knowledge. Places like The Comic Book Forum, Superhero Hype, The Comic Board, Comics Heating Up, League of Comic Geeks, and many more exist out there.
  • Subforums of Larger Communities. There are a handful of larger general interest forums with decent populations and comic sections. is one. SomethingAwful, behind their $10 entry fee, has a comic subforum. Tapatalk, the company that bought and aggregated all the free forum sites like Invision, has a number of comics boards.

Web forums are also quite hard to get Google to pick up because Google doesn't like user-generated content outside of sites they know are valid, like Reddit, so they tend to be demoted in the results. If you know of a thriving web forum with comics discussions, let us know!

Other Communities

The wider internet is full of all kinds of places people can hang out, and many of those places have fans of comics in them. And wouldn't you know it, those people tend to find one another and hang out!

GoodReads Comic Book Groups

Here are some other options you have for the wider world of comics communities:

  • GoodReads Groups. GoodReads is broadly a site about reviewing and recommending the books you've read, but they also have social media elements, and in addition to finding friends and commenting on profiles, you can join groups. There are a variety of comics-focused groups, including very basic and general groups, very specific niche groups, groups in other languages besides English, and more. 
  • Discord Servers. Discord is a hybrid social media app and chat program, and they allow both one-to-one chats and servers that act like discussion boards. These aren't found anywhere on the web, but there are sites like the one we linked here that aggregate links to open servers for discussion of various topics. These range from servers dedicated to subreddit communities to stand-alone servers and much more. Fortunately, you only need to make one Discord account, and you can join as many servers as you like with it.
  • Imgur. A bit of an odd inclusion on this list: Imgur is an image host that has comments and discussions surrounding the images and galleries uploaded. It's not really persistent discussions like many of the other sites on this list, but you can upload comics-related images and get discussion surrounding them, if only for a day.
  • Local Groups. Every area tends to have geographically relevant groups and discussion hubs. Some will have their own Discord servers or Subreddits, and others might have their own websites. Still, others might only meet in person! There are so many options out there that we can't even begin to mention them.

The world of comics is supported by fans, and those fans inevitably find one another, whether it's locally or online. We've put together as much of a list as we can, but obviously, there are only so many sites we know of. If you happen to know others, we're more than happy to give them a look and consider adding them to this list. 

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