All-Star Comics #28 GD- 1.8 See Description (Qualified) Justice Society! Comic Book


Comic Book Details

Item Id223615
TitleAll-Star Comics
PublisherDC Comics
GradeGD- 1.8
Descriptionmissing centerfold - affects story; qualified grade: 1.8
Publication DateApril-May 1946
StoryThe Paintings That Walked the Earth!
PencilsMartin Naydel [as mn] (signed)
InksMartin Naydel [as mn] (signed)
CharactersJustice Society of America [The Atom [Al Pratt]; Wonder Woman [Diana Prince]; Johnny Thunder; Dr. Mid-Nite [Dr. Charles McNider]; Hawkman [Carter Hall]; The Flash [Jay Garrick]; Green Lantern [Alan Scott]]; Nels Farrow

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