Fantastic Four #10 CBCS NM 9.4 White Pages Massachusetts Comic Book

Comic Book Details

Item Id34038
TitleFantastic Four
Grading CompanyCBCS
GradeNM 9.4
Page QualityWhite Pages
DescriptionAstounding paper. Like new, fresh with brilliant colors! Nothing more need be said about this nearly flawless copy, except that the three production wrinkles along the right margin are far more noticeable on the scan than when viewing the book in person!! Remember, raw and UNCOMPROMISED!!! Just FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Stan Lee & Jack Kirby appearance in story.
Publication DateJanuary 1963
StoryThe Return of Doctor Doom!
ScriptStan Lee
PencilsJack Kirby
InksDick Ayers
CharactersThe Fantastic Four [the Invisible Girl [Sue Storm]; the Thing [Ben Grimm]; Mr. Fantastic [Reed Richards]; the Human Torch [Johnny Storm]]; Doctor Doom; Stan Lee; Jack Kirby
Key Issue1

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