Gulf Coast Collection

This incredible collection was acquired by Quality Comix in June 2019 from the sunny Gulf Coast of Alabama! The collection consists of over 30,000 comics from the Silver, Bronze, Copper and Modern age. This savvy collector purchased off the newsstand starting in 1971 and also acquired comics and collections over the years adding to his impressive collection.  Highlights include an unrestored Action Comics #4, 2 Tales of Suspense #39s, 2 Avenger #1s, 6 Giant-Size X-Men #1s, 4 Incredible Hulk #181s, 2 Daredevil #1s and a Fantastic Four #5! This collector liked multiple copies of the keys, so even modern keys like Amazing Spider-Man #300, he had 7 copies!! There's really something for everyone in this collection!

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Aug 26 - Over 4,000 Comics from the Gulf Coast Collection!

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